Rivers of Organized Information


Brazil, 2019


EITA Cooperative

What is RIOS?


Data Privacy

How it Works



EITA Cooperative

Education, Information and Technology for Self-Management


EITA Cooperative

Mission: Support social movement actions developing open source information technology  solutions with collaborative methodology and solidarity economy


    Values: Open Knoledge, Solidarity Economy, Open Data, Sustentability


       Headquarters Caldas, MG - Brazil

RIOS is a recursive acronomium for Rivers of Organized Information


Basic Features:


  • Communication
  • Groupware
  • Document Cloud
  • Secure data storage




  • Create and manage chat rooms
  • Integration with jitsi webconference .
  • Audio messages
  • Integration with users and rooms from



  • Create chat room for private or group conversation
  • Define topic and share multimidia files in chatroom
  • Integration with users and rooms from





  • Group users and rooms using communities feature


  • Create chat room for private or group conversation


  • Integration with jitsi webconference

Multimidia content

  • Upload multimidia files in chatrooms

Groupware Tools


  • Calendar events
  • Task lists.
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Automatic notification in chat room



Calendar and Events

  • Create events and share calendars

Calendar and Events

  • Calendar integrated with Mobile Phone Calendar

Task List

  • Create task lists with multiple subtasks

Task List

  • Task features: priority, status and comment

Events and Tasks...

with automatic chat room notifications!!

Document Cloud


  • File Management
  • Image Gallery
  • Sheets and Text online editor
  • Mobile and Desktop apps and file sync



File Management

  • Upload files and folders

Image Gallery

Manage image files

Online editor

Edit texts and sheets with multiple users

Secure Data Storage


  • Privacy cloud with cryptography
  • Daily backup and security updates
  • Free software
  • "User data friendly" use terms



Privacy cloud with cryptography


Secure communication between apps and server with

SSL and HTTPS protocols


Daily backup and security updates


Partnership with CanTrust Hosting Coop.


Free Software


Source code and instructions availabe in Gitlab


Terms and Data Privacy

RIOS use terms is design to keep use data out of the business model.  The cost of mainantece, upgrades and helpdesk is granteed by user payments.


Download RIOS Use Terms




Send us a message and receive access credentials to RIOS platform



  1. Riacho (US$40,00 - 20 users (US$2,00/user.) - 60Gb)
  2. Igarapé (US$80,00 - 70 users (US$1,15/user.) - 210Gb)
  3. São Francisco (US$234,00 - 240 users (U$$0,97/user) - 600Gb)
  4. Amazonas (US$667,00 - 1.000 users (US$0,67/user.) - 2 Tb)
  5. Bacia Hidrográfica (Build yours.... For big organizations, valeu calculated according the demand)



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